Automatic Recurring Payments

Automatic Recurring Payments are a great way to make sure that your account stays current and your site go offline because of non-payment. To setup a recurring payment you will need to have the following:


  1. An active PayPal account
  2. A current invoice
    1. with a due date in the future (invoices that are past-due won't give you the option of a recurring payment)
    2. and containing recurring services like hosting or one of our site maintenance packages (domains, SSL certificates, or other add-ons can't be setup for a recurring payment)

After you have all that:

  1. Simply open the invoice, preferrably from within your client area on
  2. Click on the PayPal Subscribe button
  3. Sign in to PayPal
  4. Follow the instruction on to create the recurring payment with only 2 clicks!

One important thing to keep in mind is that PayPal will create the recurring payment to happen on the same date every month based on the date you create the subscription. So if create your recurring payment on the 10th but your invoice isn't due until the 20th, the payment will still be made on the 10th of every month and the date can not be changed without canceling the recurring payment and setting up a new one. This is a limitation PayPal. This doesn't effect Ironclad Web Services, we will record your payment just the same, however if you want the payment to come out on a certain day of the month, make sure to create the recurring payment on the day.

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